Oatmeal Chocolate Machine

General Introduction: Oat Meal Chocolate Machinery can produce oat meal chocolate with various shapes and sizes. Basic Procedure of Oat Chocolate Machine   Mixing - Filling - Forming - Cooling - Demolding Advantages of Oatmeal Chocolate Forming Machine: Oat Meal Chocolate Forming Machine is fully automatic machine, which uses the method of forming + freezing to blending oat meal and chocolate. After mixing the raw material, the procedures of forming, demolding and freezing are all performed automatically, and only needs one worker to mix and feed the material, which could reduce labour source. Oat Chocolate Former can produce various shapes by changing the molds. It is the first continuous forming machine to produce oatmeal chocolate. The whole machine has high efficiency and covers small area. One worker can operate this machine. Technical Parameters of Sesame Seed Bar Machine:








6500 x 1500 x 2700mm